Everyday Life: Popular Brands and Products sold in the Philippines (1930s)

(Source: American Chamber Journals:AmCham Library)

Following on from post #23 (Popular Brands and Products sold in the Philippines 1920”s), the 1930’s witnessed a new array of products and services. The 1930s is widely described as a decade of worldwide turmoil and economic hardship, but the Philippines was to a large extent spared. 1932 saw the beginning of a decade long gold mining boom, along with several other minerals, thought to be abundantly present. In addition, a continuous flow of Army and Navy spending added power to the economy. Finally, a small but important tourism industry look root. Companies established in the 1920’s imported additional goods from the U.S. and Europe (Eg. Pacific Commercial, Mantrade, Heacocks, Becks, Erlanger & Galinger, Manila Gas, Standard Oil of New York). The 1930’s were exciting times of innovation and technological progress:

  • Streamlined cars with V-8 motors and hydraulic brakes
  • Air-conditioned buildings
  • Domestic and international air service
  • Work saving consumer appliances
  • Radios and Phonographs

Enjoy the following selection of advertisements taken from monthly editions of American Chamber of Commerce Business Journals 1930-1940 (The leading American focused business periodical of its time) – BB