Across the Pacific by China Clipper

Across the Pacific by China Clipper
By Joshena M. Ingersol
Golden Years in the Philippines

PanAm Clipper

In November 1935, Pan American Airlines (PAA) made history with the first mail and thereafter passenger service (1936) across the Pacific. The trip took six days with stops in Honolulu, Midway Is, Wake Is, and Guam. The author and her husband, prominent Judge Frank Ingersol, boarded a Martin 130 Clipper bound for Hawaii in 1938. PAA mounteed one flight each week; one east to San Francisco and one west to Manila. At both ends connections could be made; in the case of Manila to Hongkong or Shanghai. Ms. Ingersol gives a lively account of their trip east along with editorialising as her reminiscences were written long after in 1971.  – BB

(Source: American Historical Collection at Ateneo)

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